"I have known Jody Powell for a number of years now and would like to make you aware of her passion and dedication to the field of Photographic Art/Contemporary Art. She is an incredibly talented and gifted individual. She has worked tirelessly for a number of voluntary organisations, (in a paid and voluntary capacity) including the Welsh mental health charity Hafal. 
Some examples of her work include a recent commission for 'Tramsheds Tech' in Cardiff. They approached her to undertake a project for them when they were looking for a large creative installation for a main feature of their new shared workspace. This work was seen by the Secretary of State for Wales and several members of the Cabinet Office on a recent visit to Cardiff. They were very impressed by the quality and creative nature of the work and were most effusive.
Her work has also appeared in the Guardian and other publications and continues to receive praise for its artistic flair wherever it appears. She currently working to complete her Masters project which aims to raise the profile of the human endeavor to achieve health and wellbeing. I cannot commend her to highly. She is an outstanding individual who I am sure has a truly brilliant and bright career ahead of her. "
Christine Wilson. Former Senior Consultant for Hafal. Deputy Mayor for Vale of Glamorgan Council.

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